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Our materials are ethically sourced, so you can have peace of mind knowing you're in charge of every paper product package, from start to finish. Sanarko packaging establish a paper library and waiting for you to visit.


Corrugated Paper

Corrugated cardboard is a valuable ecological recyclable product and packaging made from corrugated cardboard is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Its application is very flexible, it could make into a different box shape, by combining with other paper to get a personalized packaging.


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The corrugated cardboard industry uses a range of different types of corrugated cardboard:


● Single-faced corrugated cardboard


● Single-fluted corrugated cardboard


● Double-walled corrugated cardboard or double flute


● Multi-fluted corrugated cardboard

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We will provide the structure suggestions according to the your packaging product and design idea.


Corrugated paper options

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White corrugated paper

Brown corrugated paper

Colorful corrugated paper


Advantage of cprrugated paper:

1. Corrugated cardboard is mainly made from renewable recycling materials. So it's used not harmful to the environment.

2. Its structure makes it strong to play good protection to the product.

3. Corrugated could adhere with other paper quality, to get beautiful printing effects.

If you are interested to make corrugated boxes do not hesitate to consult our service.


Coated Paper

Coated papers means the papers that are coated with glossy, semi-gloss, or matte finishes.

It's brightness, smoothness, or other printing properties better than other paper material. So it is used widely in all kinds industry.


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Coated paper options

The coated paper industry uses a range of different types of coating

Linen woven coated paper / Rough stain coated paper / Stain coated paper / Glossy coated paper


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If you no idea which kinds of paper quality suitable to your packaging design, welcome to contact us.


Coated paper Applications

Coated paper with widely using in different industies


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Get more coated paper box application, contact us to download!


Advantages of using coated paper

1. The coated of paper makes the printed material more shiny and bright,  better to present the design artwork. This features make it cooperated with other materials to get a good packaging effect.

2. Coated paper is more resistant to dirt, moisture, and wear, which will help it to last longer. So you no worries on the storage of coated paper box.


Specialty Paper

Be distinguished from other kinds of paper, specialty paper is a big family, there are many different structures in different colors with different visuals and feelings. It is the best option to present your brand and distinguish it from other companies.

Sanarko packaging specialty paper library with over 5000+ options, and most of series in recycle system, already verified by FSC & BRC.


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Specialty paper options


Paper Libary

Applications of using specialty pape


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View more industry application, do not hesitate to contact us



1. Textured surface for high quality printing and finishing

2. Durable and tear-resistant


You want to find a personalize brand paper, contact Sanarko packaging to get support!

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