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How to make your packaging looks different by personalizing lamination?


Lamination adheres a protective film to the surface of packaging materials to maximize strength, and durability and provide a barrier to avoid any water damage to your artwork designs. It always comes with different effect if come with different laminations. 


Glossy Lamination

The glossy lamination is a great way to add a little design and style to your package, without having to resort to fancy or colorful graphics.

This is especially effective for packages that are otherwise plain and simple, as the shine gives it just a touch of flair that makes it pop in the shelf.




Matt Lamination

Matt laminate with a more subtle lamination effect in a classic finish.

This effect is best used for a traditional product or service or when a modern finish is inappropriate.




Anti-scratch lamination

The anti-scratch lamination does a great job avoiding the packaging leaving scratches during transportation. If you are in the luxury industry and the packaging for the expensive one, you must take consider this anti-scratch lamination




Silk Lamination

Silk lamination is a smooth protectant lamination that covers the paper. It provides an elegant and stylish look and feel. If you want a business card or printed product that is durable, smooth to the touch and stands out among the rest, Silk Laminate is the way to go.




Soft Touch Lamination

Soft-Touch Lamination gives your product packaging a velvety, brushed hand-feel and a smooth and silky appearance, giving a feeling of depth.

When it apply on the high quality coated paper, your packaging must be most luxurious in the industry.



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