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Custom Apparel Packaging

Pair your garments with unique custom printed garment boxes - create your own stunning fashion box.
Custom bags or clothing shipping bags aren't your only packaging options. Here we'll break down some of the best options for shipping apparel. t-shirts, socks, pants, underwear, jackets - no matter what apparel you sell, there are a number of e-commerce packaging options you can consider. Let us dive in and find the best apparel packaging solution for your brand.


Leading Manufacturer of Custom Garment Boxes - Sanarko

At Sanarko, our professional packaging expertise, competitive pricing, and superior customer service allow us to keep our customers completely satisfied with their purchases. Whether you are looking for garment boxes, shirt gift boxes, dress boxes, t-shirt boxes, shipping cloth packaging or general custom garment packaging, we are determined to always have satisfied customers and offer a diverse range of custom printed garment boxes, Sanarko is your go-to business for all custom garment packaging.     

Custom Apparel Packaging


Custom packaging for your apparel brand

Not sure which stock material or finish is best for your apparel box? Our sales professionals are on a mission to make sure you find the perfect choice. We offer many styles of popular apparel boxes, including luxury apparel boxes, women's boxes, apparel distribution boxes, fashion boxes, apparel gift boxes, and more. At Sanarko, you will find an endless list of possibilities to meet your needs. We know that every customer and packaging theme is different, and we use our expertise in the industry to find the brands that best fit your type of business.

Custom Apparel Packaging


Quality packaging at an affordable price

Our professional sales staff makes every effort to find the perfect solution for your apparel boxes and ensure that the final product meets all quality standards. Our budget-friendly mindset allows us to produce packaging at a competitive price without compromising quality. Our strong working relationship between sales and production gives us the ability to meet your deadlines. Let us bring your apparel packaging ideas to life.

Custom Apparel Packaging


Pack your clothing line with ease

Packaging an entire apparel collection can be difficult, especially when considering retail and e-commerce platforms. Fortunately, our multi-packaging capabilities help simplify the process by offering every packaging style you need to get started.

Custom Apparel Packaging

High-end apparel packaging
Ensuring that your packaging reflects the quality of your apparel products is an integral part of making an impact on the apparel market. Choose from a curated library of premium packaging options created for you to achieve the look and feel of your brand.

Eco-friendly apparel packaging
Combine your sustainable fashion products with eco-friendly apparel packaging to achieve your brand's green goals! We offer a variety of sustainable packaging styles to help further support industry leaders in paving the way for a more sustainable world.

Smart Garment Shipping Solutions
Get all the shipping solutions you need to pack your apparel efficiently. All of our packaging is customized and properly sized to your specifications to ensure the best size for shipping all of your garments, thus reducing your shipping costs.


Make a statement with personalized apparel boxes

Create your ideal garment packaging with endless packaging customization to create the garment packaging you need.

Customize the size
Control and customize the size of your garment packaging needed to improve waste management for your brand.

Customize Materials
Need a specific material to convey your look and feel? Enjoy the luxury of accessing our extensive library of materials.

Custom Printing
Choose the ideal printing method for your beauty packaging and make the most of the box's exterior and interior.

Custom Finishes
Decorate your garment boxes with special finishes to create a unique experience that will set you and your competitors apart.



Sanarko is a leading packaging printing company that offers a wide range of packaging options to make your apparel packaging ready for retail business. Our top-notch print quality, high-end finishes and variety of structural designs will ensure that your brand awareness is enhanced and your interior products are protected.

Manufacturing process 
1.Listen customer request
2.Offer Solution
3.Make quotation
4.Confirm Order 
5.Design & Sample approval
6.Proceed the production with daily update
7.Quality Checking with video record
8.Confirm the shipping method and arrange the shipping
9. Shipping status followed.

Our service 
1.Package Idea & Guide Provide, 
2.Creative Design & Custom Print, 
3.One-Stop Sourcing, 
4.Production& Superior Quality, 
5.Flexible Delivery
6.Recycle and degradable

Payment Method
We accpet Paypal for small amount order, for the big amount we accept T/T transfer.


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